Quantifying the Intangible


You just know it: your product is better. It has that special something that can really make the difference.

But how do you show it? Good marketing will help. But good marketing is helpless if you cannot really quantify the characteristics that set your product apart from the bunch.

At Pfeiffer Consulting, we love the invisible. 
The qualities that escape measurement.
The intangible assets that defy description.
The product characteristics
that don’t fit into any pre-established category.

Why? Because these are our most interesting challenges: to find the concepts, and techniques to measure something that seems to defy measurement.

To communicate qualities that have intangible written all over them.

It’s simple: we believe that if a quality is real, it can be described, measured explored. Very often this means that we have to invent not only the methodology, but even the concepts that allow a quality to be shown.



It’s a challenge.
But you would be surprised at the results

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