Pfeiffer Consulting's independent benchmarking services are based on many years of experience with modern tools and workflows

We cover areas as diverse as user interface efficiency, feature-based productivity increases or vertical workflow efficiency.

We have conducted client projects in domains as broad as general operating system performance, and as specialized as professional 3D modeling and rendering, high-end video finishing, and code efficiency.





The Pfeiffer Consulting Methodology for Productivity Benchmarks is based on real world tasks and assignments executed by operators, rather than relying on computer scripting.

These highly perfected measures are established with renowned domain experts and provide a reliable method to document the impact of technology on productivity in a way no simple performance benchmark can.

More important, these productivity measures document the impact of user interface efficiency as well as hardware performance.




and feature-based ROI Research

All benchmark projects conducted by Pfeiffer Consulting are fully documented, and complete benchmark reports for each project are available for free download.

Some of our clients

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