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About Pfeiffer Consulting


Pfeiffer Consulting started with a vision: to provide in-depth information, reliable, independent benchmarking and consulting services. Since the company's creation, in 1998, we have striven to redefine high-level strategic and technical information, and to offer timely strategic information for decision makers in the technology and media business.

Working with a group of renowned experts, we provide high-level consulting services for technology companies and content providers alike, ranging from technology audits and implementation studies to user-interface consulting and independent benchmark reports. And we have been doing so on a truly international level.

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Company Mission:
Quantifying the Intangible


Our company mission is simple: to help our clients research, document and quantify unique qualities of their products and services.



Expert Committee


Davy Peter Braun (Web Development)

Pierre Bretagnolle (Digital Imaging)

Marjorie Kalter (eCommerce and Marketing)

Carol Mann (Sociology)

Raphael Pfeiffer (Digital Video)

Robert Wasserman (Document Strategies)


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